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Swifts Cable Tray
SS light duty
MRF medium duty
SRF heavy duty
XRF extra heavy duty
Ancillary items
Salamandre Distribution Trunking
Lengths, lids and couplers
Standard fittings
IP4X fittings
Accessories and fasteners
Salamandre lighting trunking
IP55 lengths, lids and couplers
IP55 fittings
IP55 accessories and fasteners
Swifts Cable Ladder
Topaz general purpose
Sapphire heavy duty
Emerald extra heavy duty
Ancillary items
Steel Wire Cable Tray
Straight lengths
Mini and flexible tray systems
Couplers and connectors
Fixing components and kits
Wall mounting
Ceiling mounting
Floor mounting
Beam mounting
Other mounting
Accessories, earthing and fixings
Channel Support System
Swiftrack Channel Support System
Floor and Perimeter Systems
Steel perimeter trunking system
Wiring accessories
Cavity floor boxes
Soluflex ultra low cavity floor system
Flush Floor Trunking
PVC Cable Tray
Cable tray
Covers and couplers
Supports and accessories
Swiftwire Wire Suspension
Mechanisms and wires
Looping systems
Secured into systems
90° brackets
Shot fire brackets
Deck fixing wires
Toggle wires
Carabiner wires
Toggle/Carabiner Y-span wires
Trapeze systems
Catenary systems
Tools and accessories
Fire Stopping Devices
EZ-Path Fire Stopping Devices
Enclosures and equipment
Transcab panel trunking
Viking 3 terminal blocks
Cable marking systems and cable accessories
Plugs, sockets, combination units
Industrial plugs and sockets
Combination units
Other Products
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